White Decorative Candles

White Candles

White decorative candles are superb for a variety of decorative styles, conveying peace, energy, modernity and perfect luminosity.

The BE2ADORN candles are authentic decorative pieces! Being made by hand gives them a special value.”

Maria Faria, Porto, Portugal

The candles have really nice shapes. The packaging is beautiful and the detail of the pin, with the brand, gives it class.”

Pedro Marques, Lisboa, Portugal

They are not cheap candles, but they are very different. Congratulations on the solidarity initiative!”

Liliana Sobral, Évora, Portugal

White Decorative Candles

Decorative candles can both enhance a minimalist room through their charm and creativity, and can live in perfect harmony in a more daring environment, providing balance in the form of tranquillity and finesse.

The BE2ADORN candle shop has unique, hand-embellished candles featuring unusual shapes and textures that will even spark the curiosity of people who are unaware of the latest decor trends.

In the bedroom today, in the living room tomorrow or in the hall after that, BE2ADORN candles are a superb match for a variety of styles, conveying peace, energy, modernity and perfect luminosity.


Explore these and other BE2ADORN decorative candles and choose those that best match the environments you are striving for. And remember, BE2ADORN candles make fine gifts with their beautiful packaging: candles for Valentine´s Day, candles for Mother´s Day and candles for Christmas, are just a few suggestions.

Decorate with candles using also other candles and plants as well.

Candles should be used with candle holders. Check some inspiration about candle holders in our blog. Anthropologie or La Redoute have nice candle holders.

We embellish environments. We light up lives. This what drives us to work in partnership, all year round, every year, with different social institutions with the same purpose: to light up the lives of those most in need, providing them with essential objects. Know more about solidarity candles.

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