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We embellish environments. We light up lives. This what drives us to work in partnership, all year round, every year, with different social institutions with the same purpose: to light up the lives of those most in need, providing them social support.

At the moment, BE2ADORN is working hand in hand with Corações Com Coroa, an association to which we will be donating 50 euro cents for each candle sold. The donated amount will support projects within the institution’s mission, in order to promote a culture of solidarity, equality of opportunity and socio-affective inclusion of people in situations of vulnerability, risk or poverty.

Liga dos Pequeninos

Since 2012, Corações Com Coroa has grown as a support and social intervention association, respecting the fundamental rights of all people.

There are several projects led by Corações Com Coroa, which play a key role in the well-being of many families, including:

  • “CCC Scholarships” – awarding scholarships in order to encourage young people with good achievement and school results and who are in a situation of vulnerability, discrimination, and / or risk of integration that jeopardizes their maintenance in the school system formal education;
  • “We are with Guinea-Bissau for the health of all women, youth and children” – providing hospital furniture and other materials that will allow the creation of a new ward at the Simão Mendes National Hospital Maternity, dedicated to the obstetrics and gynaecology specialities ;
  • “Free care / advice” – targeted to girls and women, regardless of age, place of residence or problem. Social work, dentist and legal advice are some forms of support under this project.

Get to know better here these and other projects promoted by Corações Com Coroa.

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