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Pillar Candles are great for decorating. Featuring a crocodile skin texture, black colour and a rare shine, this handmade candle oozes sophistication, modernity and trendiness.

Candle Dimensions (cm): Height: 15 / Diameter: 8

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Pillar Candles are great for decorating. Featuring a crocodile skin texture, black colour and a rare shine, this handmade candle oozes sophistication, modernity and trendiness. The animal print style fits into a contemporary, Scandinavian or minimalist decorative environment perfectly.

Decorate with candles using also other pillar candles and plants as well.

Candles should be used with candle holders. Check some inspiration about candle holders in our blog. Anthropologie or La Redoute have nice candle holders.


Black decorative objects tend to render an environment more sophisticated, while conveying a sense of dynamism. BE2ADORN decorative candles are no exception; they enhance environments, providing a touch of sophistication and modernity, lit up by a perfect flame.  Whatever candle you purchase from the BE2ADORN store, you will find them unique, as they are totally hand-embellished.

Black is a different colour in itself, and it can provide additional emotions when combined with other colours. Combined with white, for example, it conveys a mixture of balance and boldness, becoming a flexible and perfect combination for any decorative style.

Associating black with other colours, such as yellow, pink and red, gives personality to a room.

Explore these and other BE2ADORN candles and choose those that best match the environments you are striving for. And remember, BE2ADORN candles make fine gifts with their beautiful packaging: candles for Valentine´s Day, candles for Mother´s Day and candles for Christmas, are just a few suggestions.


We embellish environments. We light up lives. This what drives us to work in partnership, all year round, every year, with different social institutions with the same purpose: to light up the lives of those most in need, providing them with essential objects. Know more about solidarity candles.

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Weight 0.700 kg


Dimensions (cm)

height: 15 / diameter: 8



Burning time (h)



by hand in the European Union

Recommendations for the use of candles

Your safety is our priority, and, as such, we hereby ask you to pay attention to the safety information specified on the packaging and label of each candle.

We will now provide you with some general recommendations on the use of candles:

  • Never leave a candle lit when unattended. Extinguish all candles when leaving the room and before going to bed. Burn candles out of the reach of children and pets;
  • Always place candles on a heat-resistant, non-inflammable base (glass or metal, for example);
  • In some cases, due to the decorative nature of certain BE2ADORN candles, they may liquefy, spilling wax “out”. In the case of these candles, we provide a warning in the form of a pictogram illustrating the candle in a recipient with high sides. In addition to this pictogram, the candle packaging also bears such a warning;
  • Keep lit candles at a safe distance from inflammable materials such as, for example, curtains, furniture, bedding, carpets, books, paper, inflammable decorations, etc.;
  • Keep lit candles away from currents of air, fans and ceiling fans. This will help prevent irregular and rapid burning, as well as preventing the diffusion of flames and soot. Currents of air may also blow light items into the vicinity of the flame (sheets of paper, for example), where they could catch fire;
  • Always burn candles in a well-aired environment. Do not burn candles in very small room or in a “small” home, where air exchange is limited;
  • If the wick is very long it should be cut with a pair of scissors. The ideal wick length is between 10 and 15 mm, depending on the candle. A longer wick could generate soot, in other words, the existing wick should be carefully shortened using a pair of scissors. If the flame is about to “die”, the wick could be too short. Carefully pour a little liquid wax on to it;
  • Do not burn candles down to the bottom. Extinguish the flame if it is too close to the holder or recipient. As a safety margin, extinguish the candle when there are 3 cm of wax remaining;
  • Never touch or move a lit candle or candle holder when the wax is liquid;
  • If the candle is burning on one side only, push the lit wick gently to the other side. Never fold a cooled wick – it could split;
  • Cut the wax edges to 1 cm in height. Do not damage the ring at the top of the candle;
  • Keep lit candles well apart to ensure they do not interfere with each other ;
  • Keep the area where the candle is burning clean. Remains of matches, bits of wick and other elements should not be left in the area in which the candle is burning;
  • Do not place candles one on top of the other. If possible, always burn a candle until the entire surface around the wick has liquefied. Extinguishing the flame on a frequent basis when first lighting the candle may result in it forming a tunnel;
  • Extinguish the flame using a candle snuffer or by dipping the wick in the liquid wax. Please straighten the wick afterwards. Never blow out the flame! Never extinguish a candle with water. The water could generate splashes of hot wax and cause a glass recipient to break;
  • Extinguish a candle if it repeatedly emits smoke, flashes or if the flame is too tall. This means the candle is not burning properly. Let it cool down, trim the wick and check the surrounding area is clean before lighting it again;
  • Candles should be kept cool, dry and dust-free;
  • Clean dusty or dirty candles with a damp, lint-free cloth (linen, for example). Used nylon stockings work very well;
  • The best way in which to remove wax stains from fabric is to place kitchen roll (absorbent paper) over the stain on the fabric and iron it (without steam) at a low temperature. If necessary, repeat the process until the wax has been absorbed by the paper.


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